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Payment & Financing Options


  • Prices shown are in USD
  • We accept all major forms of credit card card.
  • We do accept paypal. Please note with paypal at times they may hold your payment. We do not process orders until that hold has been released on payment. If you choose to not want to wait for that hold release we also accept payment via Venmo and Cashapp
  • We process orders once payment has been released to us. 
  • Local sales – Cash Charge, and Personal Check from local bank
  • OH sales are subject to 7% tax. Other states are taxed based upon their states requirements.

Acima Financing

We provide an alternative Credit Solutions to online shoppers who are under served by traditional credit providers. Our partners offer real time credit decisions with state-of-the-art underwriting platform with decisions made based primarily on your income and not your credit score. We have two finance companies that are competing for your business and they both do not report your applications to the credit bureau’s so there is no inquiry on your credit report even if you fill out both applications. You can qualify for up to $5000.00 instant spending limit, with small weekly payments. Please see application link below.

Please click on the link below and fill out the application for instant decision and once approved please call 310 527 1665 to place your order.


If you are approved for an amount smaller then your purchase total, you can combine your approval amounts from both financing companies to cover your order.